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You need not to know how to run internet, you already know this. Many people like to use internet always and based on various work or demand number of internet users have been increasing. Via Wi-Fi and other wireless internet connection, using internet in mobile or table pc is very easier. You need to use a router which can help users to build Wi-Fi zone. This is very important thing for making your area Wi-Fi. You need to buy a router and you must buy popular brand router which will be best for the performance. Before buying the router of a specific model, you can read review about that model and know about the performance.
A router is a device which is made for setup internet connection. You need this to make the wireless network connection in your area. This device will send data packets to all of those devices which are connected with router through Wi-Fi. So, you can connect with multiple devices with internet together. You need to buy a router which will available in online store. A router is now very cheap device and you will find that majority of the routers are sold for small area like home and office.
All of the routers and networking devices come with the manual and some other papers. Those papers and manual are very important for new and old users. Because from those papers and manuals, it is very easy to learn everything about the routers and modems. But for all new routers users, it is necessary to read the manual first. They will learn about the router and configuration of the device. After the router configuration, the important and the next step is setup internally. By reading those papers and manuals, this is very easy to learn about the internal settings.
Now you have to configure the router and this is why, you have to follow the router manual and papers. You need the cables and the device to connect with one another. You have use the power cable with the power adapter with the router to supply electricity and you need to connect the device with the computer via Ethernet cable. Now you can setup all necessary setting from your computer. For setting internally, you need to use default IP address, username and password. You will get all of those things behind the router. Just flip the router, you will get all of those things together.
After completion of the router configuration proper, turn on the computer and a browser. The browser is used as an application for login to the router. You will get a form when you press enter button after using the default IP address on the browser address field. You have to use the username and password on that form. Now click on the Ok or Login button after putting all of the information properly. Once, you have logged in the router, you control devices which are connected with router. The IP address is necessary thing and without login to the router, you need to use the IP address for many reasons.
Many people know that how important the Wi-Fi security is and this why, they give attention on Wi-Fi security. You change the default username and password for keeping safe the router setting. Wi-Fi security will be enabled from the router control. You need to enable all of the options of Wi-Fi security. Encrypted security (WPA2-PSK) should be enabled and your Wi-Fi will be enough secured. Always use a strong password for Wi-Fi. You can use a password generator tool which is available online for free. For securing your Wi-Fi Network, you can use MAC filtering features which is very update and changing SSID network name is also another way of Wi-Fi.
Manufacturer setup the IP address as a default IP address but user can change this IP address. The IP address is an IP address of IP address range. This IP address comes after the IP address You will get series of the IP address from to You will get the IP address in D-Link and Netgear routers. But not all of the models of the Netgear and D-Link routers use same IP address. The router can automatically choose the IP address.
The default IP address is also changeable and administrator of the router can change it easily. The default IP address will be changed by the router users. The default IP address becomes problematic when the IP address confliction problem occurs. For saving your Wi-Fi network from the IP address confliction problem, you need to change the default IP address and it is the only solution to fix the problem. The IP address should be unique in all of the devices for the IP address confliction. When the same IP address runs in many devices like routers and networking device. You have to set unique IP addresses in all devices.
There are three types of IP address classes A, B and C. The IP address is taken from the IP address class C and this IP address can be replaced with the IP address of Class C. You cannot take any IP address from different IP address classes and you have to maintain this rules. Now you choose an IP address from Class C to Now put an IP address from the IP address range in the router and save it.
You cannot use anything in the IP address. You already know what you have to maintain and what you have to follow for forming an IP address. In the IP address, you cannot letter or any other symbols. If you do so, then the router does not accept it and it will show you error message when you try to use that wrong formatted IP address on the browser address bar. You have to use numbers and dots in the IP address. if you use different things in the IP address, then that IP address will not work. You need a correct formatted IP address.
The IP address can be important thing for your router but if your router uses different IP address as default, then you have to work with that IP address. Some routers come with application and in that case, you do not need to use browser with the IP address. Because everything remain set in that application. You should read the manual if you use different IP address or This article with the manual IP address will work better. You must enjoy all of the services.